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"Every Morning You Have Two Choices: 

Continue To Sleep With Your Dreams Or Wake Up And Chase Them"

Carmelo Anthony


Focusing on your daily intentions is like executing a detailed "Road Map"  for your goals and visions. Without it, you're in essence just living but exerting little efforts in the direction of accomplishing your goals. 

This webinar will help you focus and order your daily intentions and live the life you were meant to accomplish. Here are some of the details of this LIVE 90 minute event. 

 In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • How to set goals, align your tasks to those goals and then prioritize and schedule the tasks with efficiency and clarity. 


  • Strategies to develop a bulletproof mindset to WIN your job search 

  • Tactics to embed your "WHY"  and purpose into your daily intention

  • Proven strategies to overcome Impostor Syndrome

  • Strategies to foster mindfulness and the practice of guided meditation into your daily intentions 

   And much more.....
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With the job market upended, and the global workplace forever changed by the Coronavirus pandemic, you need a game-changing plan to get hired. The ‘Covid-19 Job Search and Resiliency Plan Online Course by acclaimed Career Coach and top-trending author Yusuf Wilson, provides a post-pandemic path to getting and keeping a job.
You will learn how to:

  • How to stabilize your thoughts, actions, and focus to execute a WINNING job search.

  • How to master and succeed in the new Virtual Interviewing and Networking marketplace.

  • How to adapt and re-imagine your career in the New Normal job market.And most importantly,

  • YOU will learn how to get hired during these tough times.  


Author of ‘Time to Get Hired!’ and ‘The Art of Networking,’ Yusuf puts 20 years of Fortune 500 executive leadership experience to work for you in this online couse.


Having coached and mentored hundreds of people to success and achieving their career goals, Yusuf will share proven “insider” secrets for succeeding in any job market – even during these challenging times. Yusuf has been laid off numerous times during his career, and after each job disruptions he has been able to acquire a better paying position.


So, he thoroughly understands the frustration, helplessness, and depression that can follow a job loss. In addition, the challenges and emotional volatility of the job search process.If you are looking for a job, or are concerned that you may be losing the one you now have, or want to learn how to succeed in the post coronavirus New Normal job market, then you owe it to yourself to read ‘The Covid-19 Job Search and Resiliency Plan Online Course.

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