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Do you feel you are living below your potential?

Are you stuck in your job search?

Have you been laid off as a result of the pandemic?

Are you thinking about resigning from your current job? 

Are you feeling fatigue or mentally sluggish?


If you are wrestling with these and other questions concerning your career, I can and want to help YOU!


I'm a certified Life and Career Coach, 20yrs+ Executive Leadership experience, Author of three books on effective Job Search and Networking tactics, helped hundreds of people Get Hired and Unstuck, Interviewed on Fox, NBC, ABC and more than 300 media outlets ,… but most importantly, I've been laid off numerous times during my professional career and after each job disruption I've been able to get a better paying job.

Having solved problems and provided leadership for companies such as American Express, JP Morgan Chase Bank, MBNA, TD Bank and Comcast. I look forward to helping you achieve your career and life goals.

Let’s get started!

I like to offer you a complimentary consultation (30 mins) to meet by Zoom or phone so you can decide if I am the right fit for your coaching needs. Feel free to contact me below. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

What are people saying about Yusuf Wilson...

Yusuf Wilson gets my highest recommendation as an Executive Coach and Mentor. His unique ability to recognize, understand, and explain complex business relationships have revolutionized my thinking, and most importantly, my actions. Yusuf’s mentoring continues to make me a better person every day…. Paul

I never knew how important it was to make myself “known” until I became jobless! With the Coaching and consultation with Yusuf, I learned the importance of effective networking and how to leverage it to my advantage….Jewel

COVID-19 Job Search and Resiliency Plan book is very informative and concise. Job searching is hard in the best of times, but with the world turned on its head it’s even more difficult. This book is a godsend!  Extremely useful and helpful, I’m filled with knowledge, confidence, and the tools I need to be successful…….Charles

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Dream job interviews don't come along very often, So YOU must LEVEL- UP and WIN the moment. Doing a trial mock Virtual Interview will provide you all of the confidence and coaching you need to ace your next interview. I'll provide you a one on one 60 minute Coaching Seesion with a written 10 point Assessment. 


I will evaluate Ten critical elements of the Virtual Interview process:

 •    Lighting
•    Background
•    Internet consistency
•    Body language
•    Eye contact
•    Virtual handshake
•    Attire and appearance
•    Feedback on your answers of the "Five Most Ask" Questions
•    Feedback on your answers of Three custom questions 
•    Feedback "Three End of Interview" questions 


Contact Me For More Info
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